User Name&Password keep prompting when access network via domain n

Dear All,
Anyone can help me? I have been trying to access one of our server \\myserver.
It keep telling me to input my network id and password.

I have already tried to do the command "ipconfig\flushdns" and 
"ipconfig\registerdns" and also hardcode the our server name with the correct
ip address in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host file.

I have many users also have the same problem. Pls help !!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Poh
5/12/2010 3:51:02 AM
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Sandra Poh wrote:
> Dear All,
> Anyone can help me? I have been trying to access one of our server \\myserver.
> It keep telling me to input my network id and password.
> I have already tried to do the command "ipconfig\flushdns" and 
> "ipconfig\registerdns" and also hardcode the our server name with the correct
> ip address in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host file.
> I have many users also have the same problem. Pls help !!!!!!!!!!!
> Regards
> Sandra Poh

You need to post to a forum based on the Windows O/S being used. This is 
a dotnet programmer's forum you're posting to now.
5/12/2010 5:34:32 AM

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