How to create a simple url to access an intranet

Hello Community

    A url consisting of a long computer name, a port number, the path and 
then the name of the web page is used to access an intranet.
    That is alot for a user to type into an address bar and the user won't 
really know what all of that text stands for.

    So the question is how can a simple url be created for a user to type 
into the address bar to access the main page on an intranet?

9/1/2010 2:04:03 AM
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"JB" <> wrote in message
> Hello Community
>    A url consisting of a long computer name, a port number, the path and
> then the name of the web page is used to access an intranet.
>    That is alot for a user to type into an address bar and the user won't
> really know what all of that text stands for.
>    So the question is how can a simple url be created for a user to type
> into the address bar to access the main page on an intranet?


Lets say you want http://intranet to be your intranet. This requires two 

1. Configure IIS to respond to http://intranet. This is simply a case of 
creating a new website and add a binding for "intranet", leave it at the 
default port of 80 and set up whatever files are required for your intranet.

2. Configure the DNS server on your LAN to give out the IP address of your 
server in response to "intranet". If you are running Windows Server then you 
are probably running a DNS server on it already.

A simple test of whether you've got DNS configured right is to do:
    nslookup intranet
on the command line. If you've set DNS up right then it should come back 
with the IP address of your server.

I think that should be about it.
 Brian Cryer

9/1/2010 9:26:37 AM

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