Do WIA scan without calling IWiaDevMgr->DeviceDlg()

I am trying to do a wia scan using the  IWiaDevMgr, IWiaItem and

Created the IWiaDevMgr as in the following code
CComPtr<IWiaDevMgr> pWiaDevMgr
hr = pWiaDevMgr.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_WiaDevMgr);

then call the CreateDevice on that object with the correct device id

and then i call DeviceDlg on the pItemRoot
CComPtrArray<IWiaItem> ppIWiaItem;
hr = pItemRoot->DeviceDlg(

make IWiaDataTransfer using the ppIWiaItem
CComQIPtr<IWiaDataTransfer> pIWiaDataTransfer(ppIWiaItem[i]);

and call idtGetBandedData to do the scanning
hr = pIWiaDataTransfer->idtGetBandedData(

this code is working fine

But now i want to avoid the  pItemRoot->DeviceDlg call (I dont want to
display the default UI)

How can I do that? please help
2/10/2010 5:04:09 PM
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I found it we can use the IEnumWiaItem got by calling EnumChildItems
and enumarete the correct chiled item

see for
the implementation of the TransferWiaItem

(need to fix some bugs in the microsoft sample :) and implement the
CWiaDataCallback if you need implementation plz mail me)

CComPtr<IEnumWiaItem> pppIEnumWiaItem;
		if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
			ULONG fetched=0;
			ULONG celt=0;
			CComPtr<IWiaItem> pppIWiaItem;
					if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
						return hr;
2/17/2010 11:33:12 AM

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