DPM SRT and DPM2010


Is DPMSRT integrated within DPM2010, because the DPM2010 download on 
"Microsoft Pratner download" still contains a copy of DPM2007 DPMSRT.
With DPM2007, we installed DPMSRT on a different system from the DPM2007 
server and we had to reserve extra diskspace on the remote system for 
SRT backup info. Is this still the case with DPM2010, or is the 
diskspace used for normal backup operations from DPM2010 also used for 
DMPSRT purposes.

Thanks for your reply,
5/20/2010 7:16:30 AM
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Op 20-5-2010 9:16, wasdanou schreef:
> Question,
> Is DPMSRT integrated within DPM2010, because the DPM2010 download on
> "Microsoft Pratner download" still contains a copy of DPM2007 DPMSRT.
> With DPM2007, we installed DPMSRT on a different system from the DPM2007
> server and we had to reserve extra diskspace on the remote system for
> SRT backup info. Is this still the case with DPM2010, or is the
> diskspace used for normal backup operations from DPM2010 also used for
> DMPSRT purposes.
> Thanks for your reply,

5/21/2010 5:01:19 PM

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Hi, the webcast for DPM2010 mentioned that the RC version would be released the first week of February. Is there a new date? No set date that I have seen, but news has leaked that the product will be out in the next several days. "John H" wrote: > Hi, the webcast for DPM2010 mentioned that the RC version would be released > the first week of February. Is there a new date? Jason Buffington tweeted yesterday that it was getting baked at that moment so today or tomorrow it will probably available Cheers, Mike Visit system center user group belgium @ http...

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I've restored my dpm server. Looks to be working, unfornately it doesn't seem to be processing schedules. Example, if i do a create recovery point disk, I'll see that time stamp as recoverable time in dpm. I have the DPM server doing a recovery point in Exchange every two hours, the schedule does not appear to fail, I don't see it in completed, and obviously can't restore to it if needed. Yet under protection option, everything appears great with green checkmarks. Anyone have issues with a restored DPM server? thanks Can you please make s...

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