DPM Excesive tape usage.

Guys, we moved from a BE environment to DPM. I've noticed that our backups are now taking 2 tapes per day. Our current file server backup, sql backup and apps backup total less than 360gb, and our first and second storage for exchange 2007 have a total of 16gb. 

That being said it gives me a total of 376gb of tape space needed, which we have. We have a Dell PowerVault 124t LTO-2. 200/400GB.

The configuration on the backups is as follows:

1 Protection Group

Backup Goals:

1st Backup Goal: Frecuency daily, with 1 week retention.
2nd Backup Goal: Frecuency weekly, with 4 week retention.
3rd Backup Goal: Frecuency monthly, with 12 month retention.

I noticed that exchange information, which is 16gb, is taking up 1 whole tape, and the second tape stores everything else, which doesn't seem logical sin we have enabled compression on the protection group, so we should be able to fit all this information in 1 tape.

Anyone have any ideas as to why DPM behaves this way? Is it's compression method not as effective as that of Backup Exec?

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This can help you to understand how DPM works with tapes

11/20/2009 8:55:01 AM
If you enable Data co-loaction then DPM will write different data sets to the 
same tape. If co-Location is disabled as per the default, DPM tends to write 
one dataset per tape.

"Jelena" wrote:

> This can help you to understand how DPM works with tapes
> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc964296.aspx
11/20/2009 1:53:04 PM
He said he had only one Protection Group, so I don't think this isn't a 
co-location issue.


"Radweld" wrote:

> If you enable Data co-loaction then DPM will write different data sets to the 
> same tape. If co-Location is disabled as per the default, DPM tends to write 
> one dataset per tape.
> "Jelena" wrote:
> > This can help you to understand how DPM works with tapes
> > http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc964296.aspx
> > 
11/21/2009 3:05:01 AM

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