DPM 2010 RC - Exchange 2007 - recovery cant see mailboxes

We are protecting a exchange 2007 server, DPM is all green.

When I go to restore, I cant drill down to mailbox only to the database?

Could someone advise?


4/6/2010 11:14:01 AM
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    Have you protected the exchange server using workgroup/un-trusted domain 
flow? If so, mailbox enumeration is not supported when an exchange server is 
protected using this flow.

Praveen D [MSFT]
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"DRLJAMES" <DRLJAMES@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> We are protecting a exchange 2007 server, DPM is all green.
> When I go to restore, I cant drill down to mailbox only to the database?
> Could someone advise?
> Thanks
> Dave 

4/30/2010 12:50:51 PM

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