Yesterdays date in Activities screen


Wondering if someone can help.  

In the activities view in either outlook or via the web client it always defaults to yesterdays date.

I have checked the dates, timezones and regional settings on the workstations and the server but can't see any problems there.  Any ideas?


4/20/2004 4:41:02 AM
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have you checked the timezones in the CRM settings for each user?

"ilr" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> Wondering if someone can help.
> In the activities view in either outlook or via the web client it always
defaults to yesterdays date.
> I have checked the dates, timezones and regional settings on the
workstations and the server but can't see any problems there.  Any ideas?
> ilr

4/20/2004 5:08:22 AM
Thanks Joh

That was the problem

4/20/2004 6:21:03 AM
I would hope that the next CRM release will set you CRM timezone to the same
as your system timezone to avoid this confusion in future

"ilr" <> wrote in message
> Thanks John
> That was the problem.

4/20/2004 1:40:33 PM

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