Which table will refresh by adding new Account / Contact


I am new to CRM and trying to update CRM Accounts and Contacts from our 
Sales Management system. I am using Micorosft Bulk Import utility. I am in 
preparation of CVS files but not sure what columns do I need in CVS file to 
complete one Account/Contact record. Could anybody please help. I am .NET 
expert developer, please let me guide If I could develop CRM by using .NET 
not CVS

4/23/2007 4:14:04 PM
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Hi Adnan,
Microsoft do provide CRM SDK for CRM enhancment using .net. You can download 
from following url

PLEASE do click on Yes or No button if this post was helpful or not for our 

uMar Khan
Email for direct contact: imumar at gmail dot com

"AdnanJamil" wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to CRM and trying to update CRM Accounts and Contacts from our 
> Sales Management system. I am using Micorosft Bulk Import utility. I am in 
> preparation of CVS files but not sure what columns do I need in CVS file to 
> complete one Account/Contact record. Could anybody please help. I am .NET 
> expert developer, please let me guide If I could develop CRM by using .NET 
> not CVS
> Regards
4/23/2007 4:30:05 PM

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