Using secondary email when distributing a Campaign Activity

Hello everyone,

  I'm looking for a way to use the marketing list's member primary AND 
secondary emails when send a email mass mailout from a campaign activity. I 
believe we could do it using the sdk, but am not sure how (plug-in, 
workflow?) Has anyone achieved this somehow?

FredBang (29)
10/29/2009 1:42:03 PM
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Hi Fred,

Yes, our latest VEM (Vizola eMarketing Addin) module has this feature,
please checkout - you can download and try
the evaluation version - it also includes all the template usage +
tracking and bounce features you need. On the COMPOSE EMAIL screen you
are presented with a new ADDRESS TO USE dropdown. This is dynamically
populated with sorted localized metadata names of any EMAIL formatted
fields in the entity type (contact,account,lead) that you are
targeting, with the top (default) selection being AUTO and having the
regular CRM coalescing functionality for ADDRESSUSED. This allows you
to target specific alternate or custom email addresses within email
quick or normal campaign activities.

chris.cohen (132)
10/30/2009 7:38:27 AM

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