Unable to upgrade from Crystal 9.2 to Crystal 9.2.2

Since I am upgrading from CRM 1.0 to 1.2,I am going for Crystal 9.2.2

As per the direction in one of this discussion forum thread, I
downloaded the Crystal 9.2.2 upgrade (~176 MB file) from the Crystal
Deciosns FTP site.

But when I try to install it (on a developer machine) with my existing
9.2 License key , it fails saying that 'key is either invalid or

Any help is appreciated..

5/9/2004 4:51:07 PM
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We had a similar problem back in February. It turned out=20
that our Crystal Designer 9.3 was actually a Crystal=20
Designer 9.0 upgrade from Crystal Designer 8.5 which had=20
then been patched to Crystal Designer 9.3.=20

We spoke with MS and Crystal Decisions here in the UK,=20
the final answer was that the MSCRM plugin for Crystal=20
Designer requires the full version of Crystal 9.2. An=20
upgrade from 8.5 or any other version is not acceptable.

We bought the full version of 9.2, after much=20
protestation over licenses, and now everything works fine.

Still miffed about forking out an extra =A3400 pounds, but=20
we had no further problems.

>-----Original Message-----
>Since I am upgrading from CRM 1.0 to 1.2,I am going for=20
Crystal 9.2.2
>As per the direction in one of this discussion forum=20
thread, I
>downloaded the Crystal 9.2.2 upgrade (~176 MB file) from=20
the Crystal
>Deciosns FTP site.
>But when I try to install it (on a developer machine)=20
with my existing
>9.2 License key , it fails saying that 'key is either=20
invalid or
>Any help is appreciated..
5/10/2004 8:55:23 AM

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