Trouble with Closing a Quote through SDK

 I have succesfully changed the the quote to active, now I need to add 
functionality to close it. I have attempted to do this 2 different ways. Both 
methods return the generic "Unexpected Error" message. It kind of makes sense 
that the second one might fail since the object does not exist in the 
quoteclose entity, however, I was hoping that CRM might be smart enough to 
create it.

method 1:
Public Function SetQuoteclose(ByVal qte As quote) As Boolean
        Dim closequote As New CloseQuoteRequest
        Dim success As Boolean

        Dim crmserv As New CrmService()

            crmserv.Credentials = 
            crmserv.PreAuthenticate = True

            closequote.QuoteClose = qte
            closequote.Status = -1

            Dim stateset4 As CloseQuoteResponse = 
CType(crmserv.Execute(closequote), CloseQuoteResponse)

        Catch e As System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException
            errormsg = e.Detail.InnerText
            success = False
        End Try

        Return success
    End Function

Method 2:

Public Function SetQuoteclose(ByVal qte As quote) As Boolean
        Dim closestate As New SetStateQuoteCloseRequest
        Dim success As Boolean

        Dim crmserv As New CrmService()

            crmserv.Credentials = 
            crmserv.PreAuthenticate = True

            closestate.QuoteCloseState = QuoteCloseState.Canceled
            closestate.QuoteCloseStatus = -1
            closestate.EntityId = qte.quoteid.Value

            Dim stateSet3 As SetStateQuoteCloseResponse = 
CType(crmserv.Execute(closestate), SetStateQuoteCloseResponse)

        Catch e As System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException
            errormsg = e.Detail.InnerText
            success = False
        End Try

        Return success
    End Function

12/22/2006 5:08:00 AM
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