Strange error in CRM view

We have three CRM 4.0 servers using the same database. On one of the servers 
on two occasions, the activity history view has started throwing exceptions. 
The current activities can be viewed without problem.

I don't have the full detail of the exception to hand. However, it was of 
the "Server cannot process request" variety.

If we issue an IISRESET, the problem goes away.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? 

2/6/2009 10:18:35 AM
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Hi Richard;

You might have run into some database locking/blocking issues.  Activities 
in CRM are problematic, especially when you have a large number of Outlook 
clients that are automatically tracking email.  What happens is that each 
time a client tries to track an activity record in the database, it tries to 
obtain a lock in order to make its update.  When a lot of outlook clients 
are active in the database, blocking situations can occur which might 
prevent the views from reading the data until all the locks are released.

I'm not sure if you've tried RU2 yet - there was one fix that caught my eye 
when I was reading the contents:

a.. Serializable connections are not reset to the Read Committed isolation 
level. Therefore, when a transaction is committed, you may encounter locks 
in Microsoft SQL Server.

That might help alleviate the issue (if that's your issue at all- the only 
way to know would be to trace it in SQL).  Although, having read some 
unflattering reviews or RU2 on this board, I'm hesitant to install it into a 
production environment directly - best to UAT it first.

Dave Ireland

"Richard Carr" <> wrote in message 
> We have three CRM 4.0 servers using the same database. On one of the 
> servers on two occasions, the activity history view has started throwing 
> exceptions. The current activities can be viewed without problem.
> I don't have the full detail of the exception to hand. However, it was of 
> the "Server cannot process request" variety.
> If we issue an IISRESET, the problem goes away.
> Has anyone else seen this behaviour? 

direland (470)
2/6/2009 12:36:45 PM

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