Snap-in Failed to load

New install of CRM 1.2 on a 2003 server, everything wored 
great then all of a sudden i could not open the deployment 
manager, CRM security is running i have restarted the 
service i have even rebooted the server. But i still keep 
getting the snap-in error now. All of the services are 
running that should be.... any ideas would be GREATLY 
2/19/2004 8:28:46 PM
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I figured it out, I stupidly disabled the admin acct. 
within the CRM

>-----Original Message-----
>New install of CRM 1.2 on a 2003 server, everything wored 
>great then all of a sudden i could not open the 
>manager, CRM security is running i have restarted the 
>service i have even rebooted the server. But i still keep 
>getting the snap-in error now. All of the services are 
>running that should be.... any ideas would be GREATLY 
2/19/2004 9:13:46 PM

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