SAP MM // San Diego, CA

Looking for juniors or mid-level guys only Exp level 6-7 years max

Location: San Diego, CA
Duration: 6 months

Assume primary responsibility for the=A7 successful implementation and
configuration of SAP Materials management, Warehouse Management and
Production Planning processes within the Production Support
 Assess the business customer requirements, match these=A7 requirements
to objectives and guide them to the SAP processes and products
including developing specifications and enhancements that will achieve
the customers and business goals.
 Maintain documentation, including solution,=A7 configuration,
functional specification, and test scripts
 Understanding of=A7 SAP R/3 integration with other legacy applications
through IDoc communication mechanism
 Ability to configure MM, PP and WM solutions in SAP=A7
 Strong=A7 Analysis and Communication Skills; Business Process Re-
engineering skills
=A7 Ability to work closely with business to resolve issues, define
requirements, identify and drive Business Process Improvements
=95 Create work instructions for this process
=95 Assisting in the creation of training materials to support this
=95 Solid understanding of system development methodologies.
=95 Comprehensive understanding of complex software and information
technology solutions and ability to apply to client needs.
=95 Strong functional knowledge in the following area: Supply Chain
Management, Procure To Pay, Warehouse Management and Materials
=95 Deep functional and configuration expertise in SAP modules listed
below: MM, PP, WM, FI-AP, Variant Configuration, Logistics Execution,
Classification and Characteristics
=95 Experience in EWM, SD, CO-PA are nice-to-have

Master Data (Material Master, Vendor Master, and Purchasing Info
Record), Procurement, Material Valuation, Invoice Verification,
Accounts Payable, Warehouse Management, Variant Configuration, Supply
Chain Management, and Production Planning. This position is
responsible for providing functional configuration, technical
assistance for production support issue resolution in the area of
functional configuration, interface and integration, enhancement.
Involved in all the aspects of project life cycle phases, with
emphasis on translating user requirements into functional
specifications for any associated Reporting, Data Conversion,
Interfaces and Integration, Enhancements and Production Support

Best Regards
Vivek Sahoo
Systel Inc.
600 Embassy Row NE Ste 200
Atlanta, GA - 30328
678-261-5237 (D)
678-261-5220 x 323
678-623-5938 (F)
bilvictor (18)
6/17/2011 1:14:45 PM
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