Remote access for CRM web client

Does anyone have any experience of usage or performance issues when running a 
CRM web client over
1) 1.8 mbps 3G mobile broadband 
2) 56k dial-up connection?



10/10/2007 11:39:00 AM
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HI Kevin,

We have clients running the CRM web client using a mobile broadband
VPN into the company network, to my knowledge they don't have any
performance issues with it. I have not work with any clients that they
are using a 56k dial-up connection. This also depends on how much data
that each user is going to bring down through the pipe. If the user's
setting is to load 250 records instead of 50 records per page, it will
slow down the views in CRM. Hope this helps, etc...

Darren Liu, CRM MVP

On Oct 10, 6:39 am, K. Beel. <K. Beel.>
> Does anyone have any experience of usage or performance issues when running a
> CRM web client over
> 1) 1.8 mbps 3G mobile broadband
> 2) 56k dial-up connection?
> Thanks,
> Kevin

10/10/2007 2:12:33 PM

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