Re: Workflow just wont run automatically, i have to run them manually

Yes, but i realized what i was doing wrong.  I assumed [bad idea] that if i create a case and hit Save & Close the first time, taht the rule will run.  In order for the rule to run automatically, it has to be Save, once it saves it, then Save & Close.

Thanks for your reply.


Did you check the workflow monitor to see if the rules get triggered
correctly and complete sucessfully ?

Have a nice day,
St=E9phane Dorrekens


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3/1/2007 4:40:01 PM
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thank you so much - this solved my recent problem.
Richard Adams
GreatNeck Tools

"bishpuppy" wrote:

> Yes, but i realized what i was doing wrong.  I assumed [bad idea] that if i create a case and hit Save & Close the first time, taht the rule will run.  In order for the rule to run automatically, it has to be Save, once it saves it, then Save & Close.
> Thanks for your reply.
> "Hi,
> Did you check the workflow monitor to see if the rules get triggered
> correctly and complete sucessfully ?
> Have a nice day,
> St=E9phane Dorrekens
> "
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3/6/2007 10:42:30 PM

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