purchase inhouse vs web hosting

For a small company ready to make a substantial 
investment in CRM, can someone lay out the basic pros and 
cons of considering webhosting for the applications and 
database, as opposed to bringing it inhouse on an company-
owned server?  I am assuming that if brought in house, I 
will still be purchasing help desk support in addition to 
having a fluent in-house administrator.

Thank you.
10/7/2004 3:34:25 PM
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Usually when you elect to use a hosted solution, you have 
to go with a very standard offering, and are very 
restricted about the changes that you can make to the 
application to reflect requirements of your unique 

There are also options as far as the technical support 
goes, which link in to how the implementation was done.  
Our company offer a method of implementing MS CRM where we 
work with your people to do the implementation.  These 
people are then very well equipped to do the on-site 

The key, as always, as to look at the application, and to 
compare its offerings to your requirements, and in 
particular to look at upfront costs of the actual 
implementation and ongoing running costs, inmcluding 
ongoing training for new staff.


>-----Original Message-----
>For a small company ready to make a substantial 
>investment in CRM, can someone lay out the basic pros and 
>cons of considering webhosting for the applications and 
>database, as opposed to bringing it inhouse on an company-
>owned server?  I am assuming that if brought in house, I 
>will still be purchasing help desk support in addition to 
>having a fluent in-house administrator.
>Thank you.
10/7/2004 10:27:00 PM

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