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I have a client, customer, that I service for their network & IT 
administration of Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition and about 15 
workstations on a LAN and two remote offices with 4 remote clients that 
currently vpn in to work. About a year ago, we contracted with outsource 
consultant to install MS CRM 1.2 on the small business server. A few months 
ago, said consultant upgraded the customer to CRM 3.0. The customer purchased 
a new Windows Server 2K3 R2, which I installed and setup as a member server 
in the current domain. I then installed the necessary components for 
consultant to come in and install CRM 3.0 and they then migrated everything 
over from 1.2.

The problem I'm having is that I can't get the crmweb component to publish 
externally. Since there are critical components on the Small Business Server 
that utilize ports 80 & 443, I was thinking that I had to publish on 
alternate ports; however I then think I'm hitting some DNS and naming issues 
that I can't resovlve. Consultant installed the web component and it took 
over the default website on the member server and renamed it Microsoft CRM 
v3.0. I edited the settings of the site to publish on http port 81 and https 
port 446 and created a host header on http of 'crm'. I've created a new web 
listener specifically for the crmweb component and have it listening on those 
two specific ports and I created new protocols for those ports as well.

When I try to access https://FQDN:446 I receive the infamous: Error Code: 
500 Internal Server Error. The target principal name is incorrect. 
(-2146893022), of which I've researched ad nauseum to no avail. When I try to 
access http://FQDN:81 I receive the other infamous: Error Code 10061: 
Connection refused
Background: When the gateway or proxy server contacted the upstream (Web) 
server, the connection was refused. This usually results from trying to 
connect to a service that is inactive on the upstream server.
On both occasions, in my ISA connection query, the connection initiates and 
then produces a GET:http:// on the https initial call. I cannot figure out 
why the translation comes back with http. I could use some help here.

I've searched the newsgroups, application specific sites such as, and microsoft as well and have come up empty and the client is 
at wits end. I really need some assistance with this.

Is there a simple recipe that you have that you can send me, or provide a 
phone number for me to call at a convenient time, or I can even provide 
access to the server(s) for your engineers to take a look.

Please advise,


Jeff A
11/18/2006 6:07:02 AM
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