Print Quote Button

We would like our sales people to be able to click the Print button on the
Quote screen and have a quotation printed in our quotation format with logo
et al.  Does anyone know where to go to override the output of the quote
button?  Is the report developed in Crystal?  Has anyone successfully tried
to do this?  I am also being request to do it for the Sales Order and
Invoice forms once I figure out how to do a quote.


1/23/2004 8:54:37 PM
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You will need to look into the SDK for this.  

No, it is not using Crystal.

Frank Lee
Workopia, Inc.

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>We would like our sales people to be able to click the 
Print button on the
>Quote screen and have a quotation printed in our 
quotation format with logo
>et al.  Does anyone know where to go to override the 
output of the quote
>button?  Is the report developed in Crystal?  Has anyone 
successfully tried
>to do this?  I am also being request to do it for the 
Sales Order and
>Invoice forms once I figure out how to do a quote.
1/24/2004 1:18:46 AM

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