Prefiltering CRM 3.0 Reports


I'm hoping someone can throw some light onto this one!

I have a CRM 3.0 installation running on a Windows 2003 Small Business
Server with SQL 2005 and reporting services (2005).

I create a report using Visual Studio 2005 and the Report Wizard, to
list all of the active accounts.  I upload the report using CRM.  The
report runs fine, until i want to filter it.

So, back in Visual Studio i create an alias CRMAF_TableName.  And
re-upload the report.  The report still runs, but it will not let me
filter the report.

I could do with filtering  the report. I read somewhere that i might
need to create the report using visual studio 2003 to be able to filter
the report, although i'm not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated.


6/14/2006 10:10:51 AM
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Hi James,
One thing I've seen in the past while creating reports, is that if I make a 
change to a report, re-upload it into CRM 3.0, and then try to re-run the 
report, I still see a cached copy of the report, and don't see the changes. I 
have to shut down my browser, or because it's a test environment, I restart 
IIS which is probably unnecessary. Anyway, just change something small on the 
report such as a title across the top and re-upload it to make sure you're 
viewing the most recent changes and not a cached copy.
Just a thought!
6/14/2006 7:30:02 PM
When using CRMAF filtering, the alias should be CRMAF_FilteredEntity
such as CRMAF_FilteredAccount or CRMAF_FilteredIncident.

sheckyd wrote:
> Hi James,
> One thing I've seen in the past while creating reports, is that if I make a
> change to a report, re-upload it into CRM 3.0, and then try to re-run the
> report, I still see a cached copy of the report, and don't see the changes. I
> have to shut down my browser, or because it's a test environment, I restart
> IIS which is probably unnecessary. Anyway, just change something small on the
> report such as a title across the top and re-upload it to make sure you're
> viewing the most recent changes and not a cached copy.
> Just a thought!

6/15/2006 4:17:28 PM

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