onload functions

hi all,

   in CRM onload can i add a button or function?

   if thiere a sample pls.


2/21/2006 1:39:15 PM
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you can write javascript to be performed on the OnLoad event.  You cannot 
add buttons or menu items as far as I know.


"mr. pOoO" <> wrote in message
> hi all,
>   in CRM onload can i add a button or function?
>   if thiere a sample pls.
> thnx,

2/21/2006 8:33:02 PM
Assuming you are good with DHTML and find the right objects, you should be
able to add new HTML elements via the OnLoad.


Matt Parks
MVP - Microsoft CRM

"mr. pOoO" <> wrote in message
hi all,

   in CRM onload can i add a button or function?

   if thiere a sample pls.


2/22/2006 6:13:27 AM

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