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Sorry to inject this, but is MSFT still trying to fix the issue with all the
non-CRM posts to this NG?  Seems like they're trying, but now we're getting
Media Player and a lot of Excel questions.

(And, in case a MSFT person does read this or follow-up, I don't use the web
interface to post or read the newsgroup, use a news reader)


8/7/2003 8:02:12 PM
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I've contacted Microsoft direct about this. May be able to get something
done about it.

I just wish they would give someone the ability to delete posts that are not
crm related as I know MS are a bit too busy to be monitoring this group all
the time

"Jim Budde" <> wrote in message
> Sorry to inject this, but is MSFT still trying to fix the issue with all
> non-CRM posts to this NG?  Seems like they're trying, but now we're
> Media Player and a lot of Excel questions.
> (And, in case a MSFT person does read this or follow-up, I don't use the
> interface to post or read the newsgroup, use a news reader)
> -jim

8/7/2003 9:44:19 PM

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We have a client who has apparently succeeded in getting CRM 1.2 to work through terminal services. He did this by publishing it through active directory. Has anyone else come across this? Has anyone had any problems with this? From Terminal Server session, invoke IE and the CRM page within IE. Helps your users if you put an icon on the "desktop" that is a shortcut to CRM (ie. shortcut to http://localhost ) Works OK for us. Doesn't work for Sales for Outlook, that is not supported under Terminal Services Also permits you to access CRM from a client that is not part of ...

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Hello, I might have posted my original question in the wrong area initially. The answer i recieved from the General Excel forum was way beyond my ken. Please see the post below and the answer I recieved. If someone could explain how the answer works or send an alternative answer that would be great. "Sean Timmons" wrote: > OK, make sure your months are actual numbers.. Jan would be, ay, 1/1 > formatted as mmm. > > in A2, > =SUMPRODUCT(--(ISERROR(SEARCH($A2,Sheet2!$A$2:$A$500))=FALSE),--(month(Sheet2!$B$2:$B$500)=month(B$1))) > > should get it > &g...

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I am using MSP2007 for several projects en use a resource planning. The problem I have is that 1) the people have 8 hour working days but are not working 8 hours on the project. I can simply change the working time per person (it is different per group) but when I ad vacation as a task (next problem) MSP is not using the 8 hours but the adjusted time. This means that the vacation days are shorter than actual. 2) how can I use the non working time and make it visible in the Gantt Chard, like individual vacation and the non project time per day. 3) when adding vacation in the res...