Missing CRM link in Outlook Tools Menu


On an otherwise functioning CRM 3.0 Outlook Client all of a sudden the CRM
link that is on the Tools Menu that normally appears between Actions and
Help has dissappeared.

CRM on the client works fine otherwise including the CRM tool bar being

Any suggestions?



12/15/2006 7:48:38 PM
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Thanks for replying,

it was there and enabled it just needed a recycle through the disable, 
enable loop.

what through me was the fact that the tool bar was there and otherwise 
working but the CRM link was missing.


"Jason Roy" <JasonRoy@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Jerry,
> You might try the follwoing as it has worked for me on an similar type of
> issue with the Outlook client: (I pulled this tip for the following blog:
> http://blogs.msdn.com/mscrmfreak/)
> The COM-addin may be disabled.
> 1 .On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Office Outlook.
> 2. Click Disabled Items.
> 3. Select the items you want to enable.
> 4. Click Enable.
> It's possible that the COM Add-in is not activated. You can activate it or
> in some cases you need to remove and re add the Add-in.
> A. Launch Outlook.
> B. Go to Tools | Options.
> C. Select the Other tab.
> D. Select Advanced Options.
> E. Select COM Add-ins.
> F. Highlight Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin and note the location path below
> it. (You may want to write this down since you will need it in step O)
> G. Select remove to remove the Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin.
> H. Select OK to all windows and close Outlook.
> I. Launch Outlook.
> J. Go to Tools | Options.
> K. Select the Other Tab.
> L. Select Advanced Options.
> M. Select COM Addins.
> N. Select Add.
> O. Navigate to the path from step F (If there was not one specified try
> /Program Files/CRM/Client/Bin/crmaddin.dll)
> P. Select OK to all windows.
> Q. Close Outlook.
> R. Re-launch Outlook.
> -- 
> Jason Roy
> Assured Networking
> "Jerry Weinstock" wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On an otherwise functioning CRM 3.0 Outlook Client all of a sudden the 
>> CRM
>> link that is on the Tools Menu that normally appears between Actions and
>> Help has dissappeared.
>> CRM on the client works fine otherwise including the CRM tool bar being
>> visible.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Jerry
>> http://www.iBizInitiatives.com

12/17/2006 5:25:40 PM

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