Migrate Access to CRM Custom entity

Hello... everyone
Got any software that can direct allow migrate access data to CRM custom 
7/20/2007 8:24:05 AM
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If you are interested we can offer a custom solution to migrate access data 
to CRM.
Please drop a email.

Manager - Mid Maket Solutions

"pass parameter top record error" wrote:

> Hello... everyone
> Got any software that can direct allow migrate access data to CRM custom 
> entity..
7/20/2007 1:42:01 PM

Both have good data migration solutions

"manick" wrote:

> Hello,
> If you are interested we can offer a custom solution to migrate access data 
> to CRM.
> Please drop a email.
> Regards,
> Manick
> Manager - Mid Maket Solutions
> manick.m@hotmail.com
> "pass parameter top record error" wrote:
> > Hello... everyone
> > Got any software that can direct allow migrate access data to CRM custom 
> > entity..
7/21/2007 10:16:00 PM

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I haven't any reference to if or how CRM Live would accomodate SQL Reporting Services. Any ideas? Hi Don, we've been part of the Titan TAP, but I can't recall anything specific about CRM Live and SRS reports. CRM 3.0 reports will need to be upgraded to CRM 4.0 reports because of the significant changes between report formats to handle the new reporting connector (no more double-Kerberos hops to SRS), and other changes. I'm sure you'll be able to develop SRS reports in Visual Studio and upload them to CRM Live or use the Report Builder tool to develop basic reports ...

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I am trying to run Microsoft CRM Standard Suite on Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition. I have followed all of the instructions in the Implementation Guide, but when I try to add users, it gives me this error message: "The server localhost is not responding. This might happen if it is currently unavailable, it is not a Microsoft CRM server, or you do not have sufficient privileges to run User Manager." In the error log, I get these messages (oldest to newest): Source: W3SVC-WP Event Id: 2214 Description: The HTTP Filter DLL c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin\fpexedll.dll. The data i...

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Is it possible to go back and assign a customer to a transaction which has already been completed? Making changes to the transaction after the fact is sort of questionable - you can set the system up to require a customer selection at the time of sale, which should help to prevent this problem moving forward. The system does not have a feature that does this, but it could be done using SQL. It would also be possible to build an add in that allows this, but I don't know of any that already exist. Check with your reseller for help with this. -- Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting...

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