Matching Imported values with picklist values

For the sake of standardized input, I have changed the 
State field in Leads, Accounts, and Contacts to be a 
picklist instead of the standard text field.  However, 
when I try to import a lead, the state values that I am 
importing aren't being recognized as the same characters 
as what's in the picklist.  Is there a way to have the 
picklist match on character instead of numeric value on 

10/4/2004 8:43:56 PM
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During import you should have a translation step come up 
that will match source data to CRM value.  This screen is 
three or four into the wizard.

Good luck!

>-----Original Message-----
>For the sake of standardized input, I have changed the 
>State field in Leads, Accounts, and Contacts to be a 
>picklist instead of the standard text field.  However, 
>when I try to import a lead, the state values that I am 
>importing aren't being recognized as the same characters 
>as what's in the picklist.  Is there a way to have the 
>picklist match on character instead of numeric value on 
10/5/2004 5:37:03 PM

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