Marketing account list with contacts firstname lastname

Hi, I want to change the marketing account list, that it shows firstname 
lastname instead of the primarycontactname. After updating the code in the 
SavedQueryBase there is a message: No Attribute
Exception: 'Account' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 

<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical">
	<entity name="account">
		<attribute name="name" />
		<attribute name="address1_city" />
		<order attribute="name" descending="false" />
		<attribute name="telephone1" />
		<attribute name="address1_line1" />
		<attribute name="address1_postalcode" />
		<attribute name="accountid" />
		<link-entity name="contact" from="contactid" to="primarycontactid">
			<attribute name="firstname" />
			<attribute name="lastname" />

<grid name="resultset" object="1" jump="name" select="1" icon="1" preview="1">
	<row name="result" id="accountid">
		<cell name="name" width="125"/>
		<cell name="primarycontactid.firstname" width="50"/>
		<cell name="primarycontactid.lastname" width="50"/>
		<cell name="address1_line1" width="100"/>
		<cell name="address1_postalcode" width="50"/>
		<cell name="address1_city" width="100"/>
		<cell name="telephone1" width="100"/>

Tried also with contact.firstname. Any idea whats wrong with linking these 
two objects?

Thanks for your help

10/8/2007 3:41:01 PM
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