Make Data available for re-import


can anyone confirm whether the 'make data available for re-import' option 
when exporting has been removed from CRM 4.0. This used to be available but 
was wondering if Microsoft have pulled it from their final release. If so 
would anyone know why, and also if there is a work around available.

8/13/2008 11:40:02 AM
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Craig - This was available as part of the early access program for CRM, but 
got yanked prior to RTM.

The CRM Team has a workaround that can be found here:

"Craig4shaw" wrote:

> Hi
> can anyone confirm whether the 'make data available for re-import' option 
> when exporting has been removed from CRM 4.0. This used to be available but 
> was wondering if Microsoft have pulled it from their final release. If so 
> would anyone know why, and also if there is a work around available.
> Regards,
> Craig
fortis1 (66)
8/14/2008 9:58:01 PM
Dear Graig,

the functionality is still available (see
but you can better use the data-manipluation-tool as adviced.

kind regards

huibaarts (11)
8/19/2008 7:23:40 AM

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