Lotus Notes Integration for Microsoft CRM 3.0

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International: +1.732.212.8401
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Advanced IBM Lotus Notes integration with Microsoft CRM eliminates
manual updates and provides automated data synchronization.

Red Bank, New Jersey - LinkPoint, a leading provider of IBM Lotus
Notes and Domino integration with industry standard enterprise CRM
applications continues to provide productivity email and data
synchronization solutions.

LinkPoint provides...
=B7 Inbound and Outbound Email and attachment Integration
=B7 Record e-mail messages to Customers, Contacts, Opportunities or
Incident Cases
=B7 Automated Calendar, Contact and Task synchronization

 "LinkPoint360 continues to set the standard for innovation in the
Lotus Notes and Domino integration market," said Glenn Lehner,
Linkpoint360 VP of Business Development. "Together with Microsoft
CRM, LinkPoint provides an easily deployed solution with an intuitive
interface that helps customers automate previously manual tasks and
increase their productivity so they can spend their time where it
counts - working with their customers."
LinkPoint is used by over 21,000 users in over 12 countries.

For more information about LinkPoint products, visit

About LinkPoint360
LinkPoint360 is a leading provider of Lotus Notes integration software
applications to the CRM industry. Customers include midsize and
enterprise organizations around the globe. LinkPoint's ease of
deployment and intuitive interface provides enterprise organizations
the ability to integrate their messaging and collaboration systems with
their CRM applications.
For further information, call 732.212.8402 or e-mail:

IBM, Lotus, Lotusphere, and Lotus Notes are registered trademarks.
Notes and Domino are trademarks of IBM. All other trademarks and
registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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