Larger Form when open


Did somebody know how to configure CRM to the form can be 
larger when open?


7/29/2004 2:54:40 PM
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what form are you talking about?

"SM" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Did somebody know how to configure CRM to the form can be
> larger when open?
> Thanks,
> SM

7/29/2004 3:03:44 PM
Account, Lead...

Because the windows is small and the user don't like to 
scroll all time.



>-----Original Message-----
>what form are you talking about?
>"SM" <> wrote in 
>> Hi,
>> Did somebody know how to configure CRM to the form can 
>> larger when open?
>> Thanks,
>> SM
7/29/2004 5:41:49 PM

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