Issue Migrating Attachments in CRM 4.0


We are migrating data to MSCRM 4.0.  We're using the Data Migration Manager 
and everything seems to be mapping/migrating fine
correctly except for attachments.  We have followed the suggested steps in 
preparting notes/attachments to be
migrated, including:
1) Creating the Notes.csv file with and entity column, a unique id column, 
and a filename column (filename of the
2) We have placed all the files that are to be attached, in a sub-folder of 
the folder that contains the
Notes.csv file, and named the sub-folder "Attachments".

The files are not that large and there are no errors when we migrate them.  
During the mapping process, we
link the Regarding field to the appropriate entity ids (since we will be 
mapping these attachments to contacts,
opportunities, and accounts).

The migration completes, and we can see the attachment names and file types 
associated with the entities, but
there is no file size and the document can not be opened.  So we looked in 
the database and noticed that 
nothing was pulled into the DocumentBody field.

Has anyone else had an issue with migrating attachments? Or would anyone 
have any ideas on what we can try?

Thanks in advance!
skmcbee (4)
1/23/2008 12:17:09 AM
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