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Good morning:

If I send an e-mail from CRM, and the client responds, the e-mail ends up in 
my Outlook--not in CRM. Nor does a copy of the e-mail response end up in 
CRM. I have to tell the program "Track in CRM" even though it was sent from 
there originally. Is this by design or have I missed a mail routing 
rule/configuration setting?


2/16/2006 3:13:32 PM
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Hi Dave,

If you look in closed activities, do you see the replied email?

I seems to me that the exchange router simply creates a forwarding rule for 
the iser (the one sending and receiving email) that forwards incoming email 
with the crm tag to the crm mail account specified.  So, I would think that 
the reply mail would always show up in outlook, but a copy will also be send 
to the crm and associated with the activity or whatever sent the email.  
Thanks for your patience!

"Dave" wrote:

> Good morning:
> If I send an e-mail from CRM, and the client responds, the e-mail ends up in 
> my Outlook--not in CRM. Nor does a copy of the e-mail response end up in 
> CRM. I have to tell the program "Track in CRM" even though it was sent from 
> there originally. Is this by design or have I missed a mail routing 
> rule/configuration setting?
> Thanks 
2/16/2006 5:21:29 PM
Make sure you that after you installed the Email Router on your Exchange 
server you deployed the rules to your CRM users within the "Rule Deployment 
Wizard."  THis also has to be done for any Queue's you have setup.

"Dave" wrote:

> Good morning:
> If I send an e-mail from CRM, and the client responds, the e-mail ends up in 
> my Outlook--not in CRM. Nor does a copy of the e-mail response end up in 
> CRM. I have to tell the program "Track in CRM" even though it was sent from 
> there originally. Is this by design or have I missed a mail routing 
> rule/configuration setting?
> Thanks 
2/18/2006 9:19:28 PM

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