How to evaluate disk spaces for integrating Exchange with CRM 3.0


  As I know, it is a big selling-point for integrating Exchange with
CRM 3.0. However, the activities among Exchange and CRM seems to be
very traditional. Exchange just forward emails to CRM and save to

  It's now a problem that the activities always replicate and
replicate emails, and eat out of the disk space.

  How to improve the situation? Thx.

10/19/2007 1:23:01 AM
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It should not eat up server space. Ok. Some mail are stored both in Exchange 
and CRM. But this is basically why you want a CRM system....

Let me give a little more explanation.

The CRM Exchange E-mail router, if default installed, will not add every 
e-mail to CRM. The e-mails are forwarded from the users's mailboxes to the 
central crm e-mail box. From there it will be processed.

The router checks whether the user has choosen to import automatically 
ALLmail to CRM, or not. (The user can change this setting in the options 
section in CRM0. Default this option is turned off. I always advise to turn 
this option off because this option in many cases stores to many e-mails into 

The router performs checks if it finds a token in the subject field of the 
message. If this token is somewhere in CRM, it will attach the mail to the 
record in CRM. 

Any mail that is not choosen by the router to be stored in CRM, will be 
removed from the crm mailbox automatically. 

You can manually open the crm mailbox by connecting to it from Outlook. 
Check if the e-mails are correctly processed by the CRM Exchange E-mail 
router, this compoment should be up-and-running on the Exchange server. If it 
is not running, start it. Else fix it. Or reinstall it. If it cannot be fixed 
immediately, you could temporarily disable all rules from the user's 
mailboxes. till you find a solution.

"" wrote:

> Dears,
>   As I know, it is a big selling-point for integrating Exchange with
> CRM 3.0. However, the activities among Exchange and CRM seems to be
> very traditional. Exchange just forward emails to CRM and save to
>   It's now a problem that the activities always replicate and
> replicate emails, and eat out of the disk space.
>   How to improve the situation? Thx.
10/19/2007 11:10:00 AM

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