Here is the requirement for .Net Application Developer which is in CT

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Role: .Net Application Developer/ Analyst
Location: Norwalk, CT
Start: ASAP
Duration: 3+ Months


Develop and support Microsoft .NET, iSeries and Siebel platform
deliverables.  Areas of responsibility focused on C#, ASP.Net and SQL
Server based development in a service centric web based environment.
Also included in the RPG development platform as well as the Siebel
configuration.  Must work closely with internal customers to support
their needs.


=B7Works independently and in teams on development assignments.
=B7Receives instruction and guidance on more complex assignment,
=B7Performs necessary investigation, analysis and evaluation to
determine project feasibility
=B7Help in developing project costs and benefits estimates to establish
project worth.
=B7Develop and / or evaluates previously refined data and programs
determine appropriate action.
=B7Prepare charts, tables, and logic diagrams needed in problem
Responsible for complying with Client=92s policies and standards such
as; source code control, change management, security standards, and
portfolio management in accordance with SOX compliance.
=B7Ensure complete documentation based on our SDLC requirements for
assigned tasks with the .NET Platform development area to insure SOX
=B7Provide weekly and monthly reports on project and support status as
=B7Participate in .NET , Siebel and iSeries architecture analysis,
design, and implementation.
=B7Complete daily support tickets as required.
=B7Fulfill department requirements in terms of providing work coverage
and administrative notification during periods of personnel illness,
vacation, or education.


=B7Operate and encourage a team building environment.
=B7Demonstrates ability to initiate and build relationships. Cultivating
relationships and seeking ways to leverage their services to
streamline IT processes
=B7Demonstrates ability to understand and assess business processes.
Consistently communicates issues to appropriate parties.
=B7Embraces the service approach to IT organizations.
=B7Good communication skills. Interacts with respect, confidence, and
self control.  Ability to concisely identify, summarize and present
key technical issues and concerns both verbally and graphically.
=B7Demonstrates an understanding of current .NET technologies.
=B7Promotes candor and receptivity, clarity of purpose, and high
commitment to achieve business goals
=B7Seeks and welcomes feedback.  Responds to coaching.
=B7Customer focused when approaching problems and project deliverables


=D85 years Siebel configuration
=D810 years RPG development
=D83 years of SQL Server
=D83 years of .NET Visual Basic and/or C#.  At least one year must be
=D82 year degree in IS field or equivalent addition work experience.
=D8Attention to detail a must
=D8Ability to interact with user community

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