Great Plains integration to CRM 4.0

does anyone know if there is integration of great plains with crm 4.0?  we 
have crm 3.0 integrated to great plains 8.0 and want to upgrade both.
shawn1 (154)
12/3/2008 2:59:01 AM
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Hi Shawn,
There is no Microsoft connector yet for CRM 4 and GP. There is one for CRM 3 
and GP. Other options are to use 
•	some third party tools like Scribe 
•	or use Microsoft BizTalk 
•	or do custom Programming.

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"Shawn" wrote:

> does anyone know if there is integration of great plains with crm 4.0?  we 
> have crm 3.0 integrated to great plains 8.0 and want to upgrade both.
imumar (138)
12/4/2008 8:56:01 AM

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