Failed to create Microsoft CRM Databases 02-18-04

when i install Microsoft CRM 1.0

i faced to this error messages "Failed to create Microsoft CRM Databases
unknown error 80040e14"

please help me

my system is

windows 2000 sp4
sql 2000 sp3a
mdac 2.8

also my acccoun is in domain administrator group


2/18/2004 2:19:39 PM
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You will find below 3 TKs that may help you to sort this issue out :

Olivier Schmitt
Microsoft France
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"efsfsd" <> wrote in message
> when i install Microsoft CRM 1.0
> i faced to this error messages "Failed to create Microsoft CRM Databases
> unknown error 80040e14"
> please help me
> my system is
> windows 2000 sp4
> sql 2000 sp3a
> mdac 2.8
> also my acccoun is in domain administrator group
> thx

2/19/2004 1:15:20 PM

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