Different questions

All I have a few questions with regards to CRM in the financial vertical and 
does anyone know of a partner who has specifically customzied CRM for the 
financial secotr?
1.	Can configurable activity "result" codes be used to capture the result of 
each sales step?
2.	Can configurable "Sales Stage" data fields be used to track where each 
opportunity stands in the sales pipeline?
3.	Does the system have functionality that will allow the planning and 
tracking of investor roadshows inc.  Timings, clients seen, comment, 
4.	Can (and how) the system be used to track investor subscriptions to an 
5.	Are group/shared calenders available for the purposes of collating 
information on various clients;  e.g. roadshow attendees/planning, roadshow 
6.	Provide examples of the pre-formatted and bespoke management and user 
reporting  capabilities of the CRM system.
7.	What is the availability of predefined REPORTS/DASHBOARDS/GRAPHS 
templates covering every area of the CRM solution?
8.	Can charts and graphs be added to predefined report templates?
9.	Can two predefined reports covering two periods of time be compared to 
see visually how things have changed over the periods?
10.	How multi-dimensional is the database so that the data can be sliced and 
diced to produce useful information?  As an example can it give me a list of 
Asian hedge funds who invest at the pre-IPO stage and who like commodities?
11.	How much storage space for data uploads does your service allow per 
12.	Can the export feature be disabled for certain users
13.	Does the system comply with Data Protection laws in the LC operating 
14.	Which data encryption protocols does the system employ when data is 
being transfered/accessed
15.	Is there a mechanism for tracing/tracking users interaction with the 
system on a click by click basis.  Which parts of the system have been used, 
which clients were viewed, which data has been downloaded - by user?

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2/7/2008 2:47:03 PM
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