Data Migration Upload Error - Relationships :( -- URGENT

Data Migration Upload Error - Relationships :(


I have a data migration issue which has been causing me a lot of grief over 
the last few days ... struggling to get to the cause : (

Some background (... a very simplified equivalent):

I have 3 entities STUDENT (Contact entity renamed), TUTOR and COURSE;
- Each student should only be able to be linked to ONE Tutor record
- Each Tutor should only be able to be linked to ONE Student record
    ------+ To resolve this I have created two "1 to many relationships" and 
hidden the 'many' part in the relationship definition
    ------+ The Tutor field on the Contact form is read-only and updated 
through workflow when a contact is selected on the Tutor form.
    ------+ This make it appear as if there is a one to one relationship.
- Each Tutor should only be able to be linked to ONE Course record
- Each Course should only be able to be linked to ONE tutor record
    ------+ Same approach is used to define the relationship between these 
two entities.

I am trying to import 1 record into each entity (... keeping this very 
simple) using the data migration manager into CRM 4.0; my files are as 

- Student ID   [SDT-001]
- FirstName   [Tim]
- LastName   [Jones]
- Tutor ID (lookup to Tutor entity; TutorFile_TutorIDColumn)   [TUT-101]

- Tutor ID   [TUT-101]
- Student ID (lookup to the Student entity; StudentFile_StudentIDColumn)   
- Course ID (lookup to the Course entity; CourseFile_CourseIDColumn)   
- Skills   [bla bla bla]
- Qualifications   [bla bla bla]

- Course ID   [CR-500]
- Tutor ID (lookup to Tutor entity; TutorFile_TutorIDColumn)   [TUT-101]
- Course Name   [Marketing]
- Course Description   [Marketing bla bla]

If I try to import the only the Student and Tutor files (ignoring the Course 
ID column on tutor); import is successful.
If I try to import the only the Tutor and Course files (ignoring the Student 
ID column on tutor); import is successful.

>>> If I try to import all tree files with the relationships, all 3 files fail during the final upload stage with the following error:
"The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient 
permissions to view it."

For the Tutor file, the details is:
"Contact With Id = f38e0466-57e3-dd11-81ad-001321d00597 Does Not Exist"

For the Student and Course files, the detail is:
"crm_tutor With Id = f18e0466-57e3-dd11-81ad-001321d00597 Does Not Exist"

... unfortunately, there does not seem to be much resources on what the 
failure error means ??
- I've set the relationships up as 1 to many's so this is not technically a 
'many to many' (note that it imports the pairs without issue).
- if file order plays a role, how do i get around this??

I am really stuck and need to sort this out for a client. Any assistance 
would be most useful ... !!!!!

Many thanks,
CRM9284 (26)
1/21/2009 1:48:06 PM
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