Data Migration manager 4.0 - Two way linking

How do I get DMM 4.0 to link a contact to an account (this I can do) and at 
the same time make the contact the primary contact on the account?

2/11/2009 4:40:02 PM
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Hi Ilja,

To do this, you will need a unique ID against each Contact and Account.

Looking at a very simplfied version, the concept is ...

--- Contact.csv

Contact Number	First Name	               Last Name	         Parent Account	
100		Contact A		- Bob		ACC-001	
101		Contact B		- Tim		ACC-001
102		Contact C		- Jo		ACC-002
103		Contact D		- Jane		ACC-003

--- Account.csv

Account Number	Name		Primary Contact	
ACC-001		Company 1	100	
ACC-002		Company 2	102
ACC-003		Company 3	103

Hope this helps.


"Ilja Gregor" wrote:

> How do I get DMM 4.0 to link a contact to an account (this I can do) and at 
> the same time make the contact the primary contact on the account?
> Thanks,
> Ilja
CRM9284 (26)
2/12/2009 1:07:01 AM

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