Crystal Repots Error Fix

I'm looking for the fix for this error: File 
frs://Input/a_175/000/000/175/a482dcd118d51e.rpt not 
found on File Repository Server. [On Cache/Page Server: 
The error is listed as a known problem in the MBS TK when 
CRM is uninstalled and reinstalled to an existing 
database, but the fix is not published. Thanks
8/26/2003 8:48:25 PM
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Hi Nancy

Long time no talk!  Hope you are doing well.

Please log a support request with our team on this issue.  The fix is not
published because the fix requires a CRM Support Engineer to dial in and
resolve the issue with you for the first time.  This fix is accomplished via
a special tool available to certified MBS CRM partners provided they sign a
NDA ( the tool is proprietary to Crystal).  All engineers on the team should
be familiar with this process.  If they are not, you can have them contact

The cause of this issue is do to a disconnect that occurs after reinstalling
CRM to a different server (for example) or an existing database.  This
disconnect happens between CRM and the Crystal APS database where the
reports are published to a "virtual" location.  The tool re-establishes the
link that is broken during reinstall by republishing them out to the Crystal
APS database.


Microsoft CRM Support

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"Nancy Kempf" <> wrote in message
> I'm looking for the fix for this error: File
> frs://Input/a_175/000/000/175/a482dcd118d51e.rpt not
> found on File Repository Server. [On Cache/Page Server:
> CBCRM01.pageserver]"
> The error is listed as a known problem in the MBS TK when
> CRM is uninstalled and reinstalled to an existing
> database, but the fix is not published. Thanks

8/27/2003 1:40:41 AM

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