CRM3: Internal email OK but not external email

Hi all,

Just had a clean CRM v3 installation. I followed implementation guide 
without any errors. Exchange router has been installed OK.
I can send out emails for contacts within the company but not external 
It looks like emails sent to exteranl addresses did not reach exchange server.

Where do I need to check?


1/25/2006 10:16:05 AM
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When you installed, what did you choose as the SMTP settings?  The default
settings use the SMTP service on the CRM server and that may not be
configured to route msgs outside.  You can run a "Repair" setup and it will
allow you to change these settings.


Matt Parks
MVP - Microsoft CRM

"Charlie Yao" <Charlie> wrote in message
Hi all,

Just had a clean CRM v3 installation. I followed implementation guide
without any errors. Exchange router has been installed OK.
I can send out emails for contacts within the company but not external
It looks like emails sent to exteranl addresses did not reach exchange

Where do I need to check?


1/25/2006 3:48:25 PM

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