CRM DMF 3.0 and error code 0x80040225

We want to migrate some data from a non-CRM system into CRM 3.0 using
DMF 3.0.  The CDF database has been initialized, so that the current
users in the target CRM system are in the cdf_systemusers table.
We've written a program that reads the inhouse system's data and maps
it into CRM/CDF records, relating records to the correct CDF system
user ids (by matching the domainnames to get the systemuser ids).

The net result is that we want DMF to migrate the following CDF tables
(including their ext and info tables):

When we run the DMF migration wizzard (after populating the CDF
database), only the Uom, Uomschedule, and pricelevel records get
migrated.    The remainder of the records fail to migrate and have the
error code 0x80040225 reported against them.  No other explanation is

8/2/2007 - 2:02:27 PM -- Processing entity: PriceLevel
8/2/2007 - 2:02:27 PM -- Starting migration phase
8/2/2007 - 2:02:27 PM -- Test Batch Count = 0
8/2/2007 - 2:02:27 PM -- Creating object
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Object created successfully. CDF Id = 38,
Microsoft CRM Id = {2A7F58AD-3B41-DC11-9EE5-0019B9C9FB79}
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Recording migration status
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Migration phase completed
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Processing entity: Account
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Starting migration phase
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Test Batch Count = 0
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Migration phase completed
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Processing entity: Contact
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Starting migration phase
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Test Batch Count = 0
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM -- Creating object
8/2/2007 - 2:02:29 PM --  Failed to migrate object: Exception from
HRESULT: 0x80040225.

What does this code mean?  And what is the best way to diagnose the


anedza (69)
8/2/2007 6:36:18 PM
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It looks like DMF uses the same calls to the CRM Server (located in C:
\Program Files\Microsoft CRM\Server\bin) as the crmservice webservice
does to write data into the target CRM system.

Although the DMF documentation states that DMF uses SQL Server stored
proceedures to do it's migration, a review of these proceedures shows
that they are designed to only read data from the CDF database, update
GUIDs in the CDF_xxx_info files, and clear the CDF database tables.

If this is true, then DMF migrated data should be constrained by the
same set of rules and restrictions as those imposed on creating CRM
records through the crmservice webservice.

For example, you can't create account or contact records through the
crmservice while assigning ownership of these records to a disabled
user.  Similarly, if you try to migrate account or contact records
using DMF whose ownershipid's map to a cdf_systemuser that is disabled
in the target CRM system, these records will fail to migrate because
the CRM Server will refuse to write them if the owning users are
inactive (unlicensed).

Missing mandatory attributes for entities will also cause the CRM
Server to reject record writes.  For example, if you don't specify UOM
and UOM Schedule for a product record, it won't write through the
crmservice webservice.  In the same way, if you fail to populate these
fields in the cdf_product table with values that correctly map to the
cdf_uom and cdf_uomschedule tables, then the cdf_product record will
fail to migrate.

The error code 0x80040225 is NOT a DMF error code, but instead is the
CRM Server's way of saying "Invalid Request Made".  The DMF just
echoes this code from the CRM server to its own log.  The XML that is
returned seems to be the data record that was submitted to the CRM
Server, which it echoed back.  The easiest way I found to debug this
error is to submit the data in the returned XML through a
crmservice.create.  Whatever detailed error information you get back
from the thrown exception is likely the same problem the DMF is
experiencing in migrating the record.


8/3/2007 2:11:17 PM
Here's what I found so far...

It looks like DMF 3.0 uses the same calls to the CRM Server as the
crmservice webservice does for writing records into CRM.  Although the
DMF documentation says it uses stored procedures for its migration, a
review of these showed that they only read CDF entity tables, update
the GUIDs in the CDF info tables, and generally clear CDF tables.

If this is true, then the same restrictions imposed on creating
records through the crmservice should also constrain the migration of
CDF records into CRM via DMF.

For example, you can't create account records that have their
ownership assigned to disabled CRM users using the crmservice
webservice.  Similarily,  cdf_account records whose ownershipids map
to cdf_systemusers that have their CRM accounts disabled in the target
CRM will fail to migrate, because the CRM Server will refuse to create
records for unlicensed users.

Missing required attributes should also cause records not to migrate.
Just as the product record has to have UOM, UOM Schedule, and
PriceLevel fields set to be created via the crmservice, the same
corresponding fields in the CDF product record have to have values
that map to the CDF ids of the same equivalent CDF UOM, UOMSchedule,
and pricelevel records.

I believe the 0x80040225 error code originates from the CRM Server and
is only echoed by DMF in its log.  I believe this is a general code
the CRM Server throws to indicate an "invalid request".  The XML in
the DMF log represents the transaction record the CRM Server had that
it was supposed to act upon.

Recreating the same record write using crmservice.create may shed some
more clues on what is wrong by examining the detailed error message
from the thrown exception.  So I decided to see if I could post the
xml reported in the log into the online screen for the
crmservice.create command, but it turns out the parameters this
command accepts are too complicated to display in a submission form.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

8/3/2007 5:25:37 PM
We've made some good progress in migrating records into CRM 3.0 using
DMF 3.0, and have been able to migrate accounts, opportunities,
quotes, customers, uom, quote detail, products, and custom attribute
data using the DMF mapping and migration wizards.

The key was not to migrate everything all at once, and to break up the
migration into accumulative stages.

Something we've discovered was that we had to keep the history of past
migrations in the cdf tables for future DMF migrations.  This is
because the cdf _info tables provide the mappings for CRM entity GUIDs
that records from your source system acquired from past migrations.

The DMF migration wizard checks these info tables to see whether it
has to link up records in the current migration to records that
already exist in CRM, or whether it needs to create new GUIDs for such
linkages (this happens when the DMF migration wizard has to convert
the integer value for CDF ids to GUIDs used by CRM ids).  Once a
record has been mapped, however, it won't be migrated again by the CDF

The program you have to write to extract your source data and to
format it into the CDF tables has to use some recursion to lookup
existing values in the cdf info tables when it assigns cdf ids to see
if it needs to reuse any of them (otherwise it should increment to and
assign the next unused integer value for an id).  It should also use
recursion on entities that have parent and children relationships in
order to build the interconnected entities to support the records you
want to migrate.

Once you have populated your cdf tables, its a good idea to write and
run a routine that goes through all of the cdf tables that have an
owning user and to check whether the destination ID is null in the
corresponding info table.  Then, for all such records, trace the
owning user id to a domainname in the cdf_systemuser table and report
a list of these domain names.  This will help you to determine what
crm users you have to activate before starting the migration.

8/13/2007 7:46:46 PM
After checking our migration, we discovered that some entities had
their picklist selections changed by the DMF migration wizard.
Further investigation showed that what was going wrong was we were
specifiying the CRM picklist value in a picklist field, instead of the
cdf_stringmap and cdf_stringmapcrm stringmapid integer value that
corresponds to the particular picklist value we wanted.

When you run the DMF initialization wizard on the target CRM system,
it populates the cdf_stringmap table with all your custom picklists
and their ranges of values, and the cdf_stringmapcrm table with all of
CRM's picklists and their ranges of values.  Your source system data
extraction program has to lookup the CRM picklist value you want using
the ObjectTypeCode and AttributeValueInt fields (or thier equivalent
AttributeName and AttributeValueStr) in the corresponding
cdf_stringmap table to find the stringMapId you have to use to
populate your picklist field in your cdf_entity table.

8/15/2007 4:12:53 PM
Well, the story for picklist migration isn't like I just told it.  We
found some more bugs, so here's an update on how we fixed our picklist

It seems that you have to populate the normal CRM picklist values in
the cdf entity and custom tables for ALL picklist fields, except for
statuscode and statecode.   For other than these two picklists, you
don't have to remap picklist field values to the cdf_stringmapcrm
table's StringMapID as described in the previous posting (instead, use
the same values you would use when populating picklist fields using
the crmservice).

Populate cdf entity table statecode and statuscode field entities ONLY
by using the string description for a selection rather than its index
value.  This is easy to do for the statuscode as it exposes a name and
value; the statecode only exposes a value.  You can obtain the
statecode string description from the cdf_stringmapcrm table using a
proceedure similar to what was described in the previous posting.  The
only difference is that you should use the AttributeValueStr instead
of the stringMapId as a return value.

After you export your cdf data to the target CRM system, you should
run the DMF mapping wizard.  When I did this, I got an error thrown
the the DMF proceedure p_cdf_AutoMapPickLists because it was trying to
compare the string values of statecode and statuscode against the
cdf_stringmapcrm table using an "=" operation instead of like.  When I
clicked okay, the DMF mapping wizard was still running, but it let me
manually select the mappings of the picklists.  This time, it showed
ALL the picklists, including the status and state code mappings for
opportunity which didn't appear in the wizard before.

8/16/2007 10:23:31 PM

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