CRM customization 07-24-06

I am trying to build a dataset using C#  on fetching accounts. I need
to define a primary key on the dataset, so I  can search on the basis
of the primary key.
When I use the fetch, I get this violation. When I do a direct call to
sql server, I am able to acheive my result.
When I use the fetch I get the following error, I have attached part of
the code after the error.
I was under the impression the dataset is disconnected from CRM server.
Any insights will be helpful

<resultset morerecords='0'
B-001143EFFB85}$'><result><name>APL Co. Pte.

Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Cannot remove unique
constraint '
Constraint1'. Remove foreign key constraint 'resultset_result' first.
on constraints, Boolean fThrowException)
   at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.Remove(Constraint constraint)
   at System.Data.DataTable.set_PrimaryKey(DataColumn[] value)
   at TritonCRMConsumer.WebServiceConsumer.getCrmCustomerService() in
\crm\tritoncrmconsumer\webserviceconsumer.cs:line 414
   at TritonCRMConsumer.WebServiceConsumer.getCustomerWebService() in
\crm\tritoncrmconsumer\webserviceconsumer.cs:line 121
   at TritonCRMConsumer.WebServiceConsumer.Main(String[] args) in
\tritoncrmconsumer\webserviceconsumer.cs:line 98
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Code below:

string accountfetch = @"<fetch mapping='logical'>
   <entity name='account'>
      <attribute name = 'name'/>
      <attribute name = 'accountid'/>
		<attribute name = 'new_customercode'/>
		<attribute name = 'deletionstatecode'/>
      <filter type='and'>
         <condition attribute = 'new_customercode' operator='eq'
	string result1 = service.Fetch(accountfetch);
				DataSet resultDS = Util.ConvertXMLToDataSet(result1);
				DataTable crmCustomerDT1 = resultDS.Tables[0];
				DataColumn[] keyCol1 = new DataColumn[1];
				keyCol1[0] = crmCustomerDT1.Columns["new_customercode"];
				crmCustomerDT1.PrimaryKey = keyCol1;
				return resultDS;

7/24/2006 9:28:09 PM
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