CRM 3.0 - Deployment Manager error and web ui errors

I have installes CRM 3.0 without any errors. I have a SQL 2005 RTM machine, 1 
CRM Server. Now, when I try to add users with the deployment manager, he 
says, that I have no permissions?!

In the web ui I can add additional user, but the users get always errors in 
the detail pane > an error has occured?! 

What is wrong? I used the domain admin to install crm 3.0!
11/7/2005 12:10:08 PM
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Specific questions related to CRM v3 should be addressed to the Early Access
newsgroup.  For connection details see:


Matt Parks
MVP - Microsoft CRM

"Jens Hartmann" <> wrote in message
I have installes CRM 3.0 without any errors. I have a SQL 2005 RTM machine,
CRM Server. Now, when I try to add users with the deployment manager, he
says, that I have no permissions?!

In the web ui I can add additional user, but the users get always errors in
the detail pane > an error has occured?!

What is wrong? I used the domain admin to install crm 3.0!

11/7/2005 3:50:50 PM

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