Checking Activity Status within Rule


Within a rule, how do we determine the value of an Activity's status in a
Check Condition (if statement), not in a Wait Condition?

For example, we'd like to do something like:

If Activity.status=completed then
     do this...
     do that...

At the moment, we can't figure out how to check the Activity's status
because it seems that an Activity is not considered an Object, so we are
limited to Waiting until our Activity (Task) is Completed and then kicking
off the next Activity (Task), without checking the Activity status.  We
assume that if the Task is Canceled instead of Completed, that the Wait
loop will never finish and the next Activity will never be kicked off.

But there should be a better way to do this!

So right now, because we can't figure out how to check the Activity
status, we have:

Task: X
          Task: X is completed
End Wait
Task: Y

But what we'd really like to do is:

Task X
          Task: X is completed
End Wait
If Task X. status = Completed then 
      Task Y

Thanks for any light you can shed on this!


9/16/2005 9:12:04 PM
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