Capabilities Question

Hi,  Being a developer I thought I would go to the source!  Sorry if this is 
a sort of sales question.

Do you think the Service module would cater for a Web Design Company job 

We currently use a SharePoint service to do this but like the looks of 

Core parts of the system should;

1.  Jobs Description
2.  Time & Cost Management
3.  Job Status (New, Awaiting Customer, etc)
4.  Reporting
5.  Task logging etc
6.  Maintenance Contracts (Ie Pay $x up front and service times deducted 
from allowance)

Do you think Dynamics can handle this and would I need to mod it?

Thanks Daren
1/8/2008 10:44:01 AM
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On Tue, 8 Jan 2008 02:44:01 -0800,
<> wrote:

>Hi,  Being a developer I thought I would go to the source!  Sorry if this is 
>a sort of sales question.
>Do you think the Service module would cater for a Web Design Company job 


>We currently use a SharePoint service to do this but like the looks of 
>Core parts of the system should;
>1.  Jobs Description
Either use case entity or create custom job entity which can be done
through the UI
>2.  Time & Cost Management
Use Service Activites to manage all time spent against case/job
>3.  Job Status (New, Awaiting Customer, etc)
Set the statuscode attribute to the required values and add this
attribute to the form
>4.  Reporting
Standard functionality i.e., advanced find will fulfil ost
requirements along with export to Excel
>5.  Task logging etc
Standard functionality
>6.  Maintenance Contracts (Ie Pay $x up front and service times deducted 
>from allowance)
Standard functionality in Contracts - have alot into allotment types
which can be amount time or number of incidents which are decrements
automatically as used

>Do you think Dynamics can handle this and would I need to mod it?

Yes and Yes
>Thanks Daren

Julian Sharp
1/13/2008 6:22:59 PM

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