Cannot display reports : wrong url generated

after a server HW crash, we recovered after hours of downtime. Now we have 
"sqlserver" SQL Server 2005 with SRS and "crm" front-end.
We're fighting with report pages not shown.
URL called is 

Reports list shows fine but for any report, we get this wrong URL construct.
The registry SQLRSServerURL entry is http://sqlserver/Reportserver
I've tried to set a host header on reporting web site on sqlserver without 

No error in crm events log nor in sqlserver one.
Reporting services is working fine on sqlserver and Reporting Services 
Configuration Manager is all green.
CRM server's application pool domain user is granted access to crm reports 

The CRM 3.0 Diagnostic tool reports no error; the reportserver AppPool user 
has a spn for http on sqlserver.

So: no error nowehere but a wrong URL

Any clue?
Thanks in advance,
11/2/2007 3:11:03 PM
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