Can't Trigger Manual Sales Processes

I have created rule that triggers one of several manual sales processes when 
an Opportunity is created.  It checks several conditions and then calls one 
of a few manual sales processes based upon the condition.  

With my security role, the workflow runs as intended, however, at the level 
of the intended user, the trigger rule runs fine and the Workflow Monitor 
says it is completed but the manual sales process never runs; it doesn't show 
up on workflow monitor.  I suspect a permissions issue but I cannot figure it 
out.  Is there a specific security role setting that has to be available to 
run a manual sales process?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
10/9/2007 5:56:00 PM
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I should have noted that I can manually trigger the sales process by choosing 
the Apply Rule option for the end user.  Also, I have several other instances 
where I call subprocesses (rules) succesfully (not sales processes though) 
with the end user role.

"Rick" wrote:

> I have created rule that triggers one of several manual sales processes when 
> an Opportunity is created.  It checks several conditions and then calls one 
> of a few manual sales processes based upon the condition.  
> With my security role, the workflow runs as intended, however, at the level 
> of the intended user, the trigger rule runs fine and the Workflow Monitor 
> says it is completed but the manual sales process never runs; it doesn't show 
> up on workflow monitor.  I suspect a permissions issue but I cannot figure it 
> out.  Is there a specific security role setting that has to be available to 
> run a manual sales process?
> Thanks for any help or suggestions.
10/9/2007 6:11:04 PM

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