Business Units record seperation

I have an organization with a top level Organization  and the 4 subsidiary B 
U’s. This is all set up in CRM and the CEO can see leads across all BU's. The 
problem that I am having is that a sales manager can also see all leads 
through out the organization also ie, leads that they do not own and have not 
been assigned to them. The sales manager BU is set so that members can only 
see (read)  the leads in their own business unit.

Structure –

Organization – CEO 
	Business Unit A – sales manager A
	Business Unit B– sales manager B
	Business Unit C– sales manager C
	Business Unit D– sales manager D

Each business unit is set to Role > Core Records > Business Unit (half 
circle) Read, sales managers  are still able to read records that are owned 
by business unit members from other business units. I thought that this was 
not to occur!

Again the structure another way:

The CEO – is in the Organizational BU – CEO Role – Organization Rights
All business units have the Organization BU as a parent

A sales manager is in BU A – Business Unit Rights of READ on
Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Note are set to users
A sales manager is in BU B - Business Unit Rights of READ on
Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Note are set to users

The sales managers can still see accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, 
activities of the whole organization.

These roles were duplicated from the original organization roles when BU A, 
B, C, D were created.. Do I need to create new roles for each business unit 
in order to limit the visibility the way that I am trying to set it up. So 
that I business unit only sees a business units activities?

What is it that I am missng? 

3/8/2005 8:55:06 PM
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