Biztalk*(CRM+SBM+RMS) = 1 integrated system

Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience with Small Business Manager? There is not much
news anywhere on how good an accounting package it is.  I want some input
from actual users....not MS bragging about how great it is....

Has anyone done an integration with CRM and Small Business Manager? MS
recommends using's tough enough learning I need to
learn BizTalk?

Being an MS partner, ideally we would like the complete system to be:
MS-CRM for customer mgmt , Small Biz Mgr for accounting, Retail Management
System for inventory AND xml services provided by a vendor for products and

What are my chances of pulling this off?  MS makes it sounds like BizTalk is
the solution to any and all integration....I fired off a big long email on
what specifically I needed to do to MS Partner support and they replied with
"...use BizTalk..."

This newsgroup has been more helpful than anything offered by MS.

After reading all NINE training manuals on CRM (not to mention the white
papers and ITK...etc) and how wonderful and full-featured MSCRM is....then
actually using is amazing how many of the features just aren't

Had to by Crystal 8.5 (not the current version mind you) just to add our
logo to the reports??? That's just downright silly.

And as much as MS touted CRM as being the first "fully .Net leveraged
product by Microsoft"...installing the most current version of the framework
causes it to crash???

For those integrators and programmers more experienced than me....( ie ALL
OF YOU )...what is your honest opinion of CRM and its future?  I've read
some of the rants on here...and it doesn't sound all that good.

Is there any news on exactly what the next version will improve upon?

Take care...God bless you (and protect you) if you're running CRM. =0)


10/6/2003 10:08:59 PM
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