Assign Activity to Queue in Workflow - CRM 3.0

In the regular user interface we can assign an activity to a user or queue, 
however in a workflow we can only assign an activity to a user. Why is that? 
Is there any workaround other than an assembly?
Dynamics (5)
1/21/2008 6:40:00 PM
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You can assign an activity in CRM 3.0 to a queue via workflow. If the primary 
entity of the workflow is an activity, add an "Assign entity" step to the 
workflow. In the Assign Entity dialog, you will see a three radio button and 
the bottom one for Queue should be enabled. Click that and then click the 
"Assign to" button


"Dynamics" wrote:

> Hi,
> In the regular user interface we can assign an activity to a user or queue, 
> however in a workflow we can only assign an activity to a user. Why is that? 
> Is there any workaround other than an assembly?
> Thanks!
noorm (7)
1/25/2008 7:56:01 PM

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